Welcome to Le Blanc Fine Arts! (formerly Sheepy Fine Arts)

Digital Sunrise © Doug LeBlanc 1995

Digital Sunrise © Doug Le Blanc 1995 (drawn with mouse on Amiga PC)

Le Blanc Fine Arts

Photography, Painting/Drawing, Digital Graphics, Cartoons, and Notecards make up Le Blanc Fine Arts.  It is a family-owned fine arts business established in 1993 by Mary Young Le Blanc and Doug Le Blanc.    Our Web Site has been used to present examples of our work that are available for purchase or as a portfolio for those interested in commissioning work or projects.  Mary’s early photography is film-based, and developed in her dark-room.  Most of Doug’s paintings are in watercolor medium.

Sheepy Fine Arts

The original site was Sheepy Fine Arts, and our photograph-bearing notecards continue to carry the Sheepy name and logo.  We have owned and trained Old English Sheepdogs (OES) for many years, with Conformation and Companion Sports show experience. As a service, we provide information about the OES, and links to other sites or persons who work with the breed.


We changed our home location from the Monterey Bay Area to the Sierra Foothills above Chico in 2000.  Since then we have made minimal updates to the site.  We plan to renew our effort to keep this site interesting and professional, yet fun. (May 2018)

Images on this site appear in low resolution.